August 31, 2012

My favorites of the week

Vacation is over.... Suzon Grisou is back.
Let's celebrate with my 2 favorites of the week:

#1 - The Purl Bee
A very nice shop in New York which, on a blog, offers hundreds of creative ideas (knitting, sewing and crochet). The tutorials that you can find there are very well explained and you want to make almost everything they put in there!!!

#2 - The Beeetise shop in the old GuĂ©rande (West Coast of France - South of Britanny) where you can find vintage accessories and have a vintage dress tailormade. The designer is so sweet. If you are coming to France/Britanny on holiday, you should definitely visit this shop... 

August 03, 2012

my favorites of the week

Anna Graham's blog (from Wisconsin in the US) for her colorful and inspiring works, her two adorable daughters and because she seems to have a really good time and enjoy her life:

The pincushion pattern I have just found at Lil Weasel's (very nice shop in Paris, France) - a turtle called Henrietta....
My first pattern in English!

August 02, 2012

the family is getting bigger...

No, I am not pregnant...
I am talking about my sofa cushion's family.
Three additions this week (as planned). I have tried to mix part of the fabric so that they look a little bit different.

When we invite friends, sometimes we don't have enough space for them on the sofa.... so I made a big cushion to put on the floor so that we can comfortably sit there... If you wonder where I found this nice fabric.... the answer is Ikea!