April 30, 2012

Tomorrow: getting familiar with my sewing machine

Tomorrow, I’m off to Mylène’s for my first lesson on how to use a sewing machine.
Good thing we bought the same one!
She planned something easy for beginners. I am looking forward to it. Check out my blog tomorrow for the lesson report!

April 29, 2012

No more excuses

Today is a day off and I couldn’t help going to the Fnac to buy some books on knitting and sewing. I found tons of really good books but in the end chose the most comprehensive ones.
I also found pattern books from Yoshiko Tsukiori (not in Japanese….)

The next step is to carefully read those books and practice, practice, practice (depending on how much free time I get).

April 28, 2012

Let’s rush to Lil Weasel’s

It’s hard not to rush to Lil Weasel’s when you discover the new fabrics they have just received, especially the Liberty ones….

Weekend inspiration

I stumbled upon Anna Maria Horner’s blog, which mixes colorful fabrics and flowery designs with exquisite taste. It’s a true source of inspiration for my future projects, especially cushions and embroideries. I am not a quilting fan yet, but I find hers are really appealing and great for little girls’ bedrooms.

April 21, 2012

My first attempt with Citronille

I started knitting again (after a 15-year break) back in December and I made a few scarves for my husband, my daughters and myself. So after 4 successes in a row, I decided that it was time for a challenge. I bought a pattern from Citronille – a children’s tunic sweater in age 4.
I am pretty happy with the result, especially the assembly (backstitch).